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Derek Wagner, Chairperson
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Kyle Welch, Vice Chairperson
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Doris Tan, Secretary
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Jim Sturtevant, Treasurer
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Wayne E. Amacher, Past Chairperson, Webmaster
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Jennifer Lung, Member at Large
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Kathryn Besser (Ex Officio), Newsletter Editor
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To contact the Board, email an officer.

Newsletter Editor

Kathryn Besser, Newsletter Editor
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Traffic Calming Committee

Volunteer needed, Traffic Control Committee Chairperson
There is a traffic study in the hopper for Cherryhill Neighborhood, we need someone to be a Liaison to the City of Sunnyvale to keep us informed.

Stevens Creek Trail Committee

Meghan Stawitcke, Steven's Creek Trail Committee Chairperson. Meghan is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail.
Email Meghen

SNAP Committee

Joann Rieke and Cindy Spencer, SNAP Committee Co-chairs.
Email Joann and Cindy

Dumpster Day Committee

Virginia Shea, Dumpster Day Committee Chairperson
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Block Representatives

The Cherryhill Neighborhood Association relies on electronic communications for all of its activities. This leaves a gap for neighbors who are not on the Internet. Block representatives get the word out by delivering the newsletter and other notices to neighbors who would not otherwise receive them. Block representatives keep an eye on their block and bring relevant issues to the attention of the Association. Block representativesinform new residents of the existance and benefits of Cherryhill Neighborhood Association and encourage them to join.

Bernardo Avenue except Blackberry Terrace
Sherry Lee, Email Sherry

Blackberry Terrace
Corny Sluis Email Corny

Cranberry Drive
Jung Choi, Email Jung

Elderberry Drive
Barbara Grimes, Email Barbara

Kelsey Drive
Kevin Bury , Email Kevin

Lime Drive — Remington to Ticonderoga
Lynne Bourne, Email Lynne

Lime Drive — Ticonderoga to Yorktown
Derek Wagner, Email Derek

Mandarin Drive
Naomi Wagner Email Naomi

Maraschino Drive and Susquehanna Ct
Luisa Lu, Email Luisa

Mary Avenue
Luisa Lu,
Email Luisa

Remington Drive —Remington Court and Remington to Bernardo
Michelle Eugeni,
Email Michelle

Remington Drive — Bernardo to Mary
Puja Sampat Email Puja

Remington Drive — Rockefeller Apartments Hannalore Dietrich Email Hannalore

Robin Way
Michelle Eugeni, Email Michelle

Rockefeller Drive — Bernardo to Crandano
Nina McQueen, Email Nina

Rockefeller Drive — Crandano to Lime, Remson Ct.
Puja Sampat Email Puja

Sherwood Drive
Luisa Lu, Email Luisa

Syracuse Drive (shared)
Karen Nguyen,
Email Karen
Kyle Welch, Email Kyle

Ticonderoga — , 1062 Ticonderoga to Bernardo
Terry Sturtevant, Email Terry

Ticonderoga — , 1062 Ticonderoga to Mary, Huckleberry Court
Doris Tan, Email Doris

Townsend Terrace
Jenifer Damewood, Email Jenifer

Valley Forge and Gooseberry Court
Nancy Sabbag, Email Nancy

Warwick Court
Derek Wagner, Email Derek

Westchester Drive
Beth Erickson Email Beth

Yorktown Drive (shared)
Kathy Besser, Email Kathy
Joann Rieke, Email Joann

Please volunteer by sending an email to Sabrina Kahn, email Sabrina