How We Communicate

We do most of our communication over the Internet using the services below and on the home page. That saves paper and energy.

Because not all our members are on the Internet, we contact those who are not by working through Block Representatives and informally through friendly neighbors. If your neighbor is not connected, it is very important that you keep him/her abreast about what we are doing. Talking to your neighbor is the very essence of a neighborhood association.


Our website is (If you are reading this you are there.)

Yahoo Group

The Cherryhill Yahoo Group is Because we moderate the Yahoo Group membership ourselves and can extract a mailing list from it we use the Yahoo Group as our membership roster. So to be an official member of Cherryhill Neighborhood Association you must be a member of the Yahoo Group. Please join.

Membership is limited to those who actually live within our boundaries. Sunnyvale Councilmembers and some city staff are included in the membership, which works to our mutual advantage.

When you sign up for an account, you need reveal little or nothing about yourself. You can remain anonymous! You can easily control the amount of email you receive — you can receive an email every time there is a new message; you can receive a daily digest of messages; or you can just go to the Yahoo site and read the messages without receiving any email at all! It’s a nice system.

Any member can post to the group. Once you join you are part of an un-moderated forum of neighbors discussing items of neighborhood interest:

  • Discussions, announcements
  • Exchange of information about contractors, babysitters, etc.
  • make recommendations for the association — new ideas, new activities
  • Plan and discuss neighborhood events, block parties, etc.
  • Discuss traffic issues
  • Discuss criminal activity in the neighborhood and nearby

The easiest way to post to the Yahoo Group is to send an email (attachments OK) to Yahoo's editor leaves a lot to be desired.


Cherryhill Neighborhood Association does not control membership on NextDoor. We cannot extract the names and emails of members. Membership is controlled by outsiders, although we do set the Cherryhill Neighborhood Association boundaries. You can use this group the same way as Yahoo Groups.


Go to and search for CherryhillNeighborhoodAssociation

Trade Recommendations

Personal referrals are one of the best ways to find tradespeople and experts for tasks around the house. Carpets, remodels, plumbing, painting are examples. We maintain a list of the people we have found useful and recommend.

Contact the Cherryhill Neighborhood Association Officers

To contact us please use the Yahoo Group or go to the Contact page on the menu and email one of the officers.