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Our Neighborhood Association

Cherryhill Neighborhood Association is a City of Sunnyvale sanctioned organization formed for the benefit of our neighborhood. The advantages are many:

  • Enhance our neighborhood
  • Address common concerns, e.g. traffic control
  • Learn how to prevent crime; establish Neighborhood Watch programs
  • Free dumpster weekends
  • Have a stronger voice in local government
  • Obtain city funding for neighborhood projects
  • Provide a forum where candidates for the city council can directly address us
  • Know your neighbors - Foster communication and interaction between neighbors for the common good
  • City sponsered disaster preparedness training SNAP

Please contact us with your suggestions:

  • Clue us in: What do you think your neighborhood association should do for you?
  • Please send us suggestions and ideas for new activities
  • How can we make meetings more exciting?
  • What have we done well? What should we do differently?

Contact us through our Yahoo Group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cherryhill_neighbors/, for all to see. Or you can email them to Wayne Amacher, Chairman and he will share them with the board.

During the 13 December 2009 Walkabout, several neighbors expressed some great ideas for 2010 activities. Now is a wonderful time to get those ideas out on the table, discuss them, and start to implement them.

Map of our Territory

Cherryhill NA Map

The Cherryhill Neighborhood Association includes the territory bounded by I85, Remington Drive, Mary Avenue, and Fremont Avenue. The neighborhood includes roughly 500 single family residences, the apartment complexes at the corner of Remington and Mary Avenues, and Westmoor Shopping Center. The portion of our territory near I85 is an open area that will likely include the extension of the Stevens Creek Trail. We feel that the Stevens Creek Trail will be an asset to our neighborhood — that makes it very important to us — we want to help determine its route and amenities. A detailed street map of our neighborhood is available at:

Detailed Cherryhill Neighborhood Association Map

Stevens Creek Trail Committee

Stevens Creek Trail Committee

Sunnyvale is actively working with its neighboring cities to extend the Stevens Creek Trail from Mountain View upstream to Cupertino. The trail currently starts at the bay and extends to Heatherstone Avenue in Mountain View.

Any extension further south is likely to go through our neighborhood and is completely open for community inputs. We hope that the extension will connect the trail through the open space east of I85, which is included in the Cherryhill Neighborhood Association. We have formed a committee in association with "Friends of Stevens Creek Trail" to provide input to the City of Sunnyvale for extending the trail.