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Doppler Press has brought out my first Masks story as a Kindle e-book! I have been writing these stories for over a decade, and am very pleased to see the first one published. It is a superhero story set in my own universe. The main character does not want to be a costumed adventurer. However, circumstances force him to adopt a female hero ID. (It seemed like a good idea at the time...)

Template: A Masks Story


Template: A Masks Story

Big news! This first Masks story is selling well enough we are in negotiation to bring out the second one Real Soon Now! (As of 06/16/2017) Again, this is edited and updated, with some material not in the version previously posted here. Stay tuned!

Convention images taken by Rodford Edmiston Smith

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Some photos from various SF conventions I have attended

Note that these images are Copyright 2016 Rodford Edmiston Smith and may not be reproduced without my permission except for personal use (which includes showing to others, but not making copies beyond backups). (See below for e-mail addresses.) If you wish to show these online, such as in a Web page you can direct link to my files and folders.

For copies of these images in a higher resolution check: Convention Albums Science Ficion Conventions

The most recent update was my photos of the 2017 Conglomeration, posted on April 9, 2017.

2016 MillenniCon Science Ficion Convention (held north of Cincinnati)

Images for the 2016 MarCon were posted on May 10, 2016:

2016 MarCon Science Ficion Convention (held in Columbus, Ohio)

The 2017 ConGlomeration images were posted on April 9, 2017:

2017 ConGlomeration Science Ficion Convention (held in Louisville, Kentucky)

The 2016 MillenniCon photos were posted on March 28, 2016:

2016 MillenniCon Science Ficion Convention (held north of Cincinnati)

A few photos from the 2006 ConGlomeration were recently discovered, scanned and posted:

2006 ConGlomeration Science Ficion Convention (held in Louisville, Kentucky)

LexFA Hallowe'en Party 2013

Posted 11/10/2013

Sasquan/WorldCon 2015

Posted 08/28/2015

Conglomeration 2014

Posted 04/23/2014

MillenniCon 2014

Posted 03/20/2014

See my older convention photos at: My older convention photos on Flickr.